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Periodontics refers to issues involving patients’ gums. At Dental Care Princeton, we have a professional on hand specializes this type of treatment. Furthermore, having multiple experts in the same office gives you the benefit of having them be able to collaborate to ensure comprehensive care in a single lcoation.

Gummy Smile

gummyDental Care Princeton offers a number of options for people who are experiencing issues with their gum lines. Some might have teeth that appear short, or have a smile that appears that is thrown off by unevenness of the gum line. To fix this, we can implement simple crown-lengthening procedures.The gum line can also be sculpted and adjusted to have a more even appearance.

Uneven Gum Lines and Long Teeth

Receding gum lines often expose the roots of your teeth. This makes the teeth appear elongated and increases the risk of cavities in the root. This issue can be solved through soft tissue grafts and other and other root coverage procedures, all of which are available right here in our office. No need to travel to a separate location to visit a surgeon.


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